Kylie Teen

First Impressions

The first image I saw when I visited KylieTeen was a picture of the brunette model wrapping her mouth around a banana. That definitely sets the tone for her site, as does the image of her holding a dick. Most teen model sites feature solo posing content or light lesbian interactions. I get the feeling that Kylie is a horny gal who decided to make a little money off of her sex life and film everything. They certainly hint at that in the tour and I couldn’t be happier.

Hot Promises

Kylie’s slogan is “It’s hardcore time!” and that sends a pretty clear message. Along with all the banana sucking, cock licking, and pussy eating pictures strewn throughout the tour pages she’s telling her prospective members that inside you’re going to find plenty of hot hardcore action starring a gorgeous teen babe. There are pictures and videos inside, as well as updates every three days.

Round Up

If you’re sick of solo teen babes who won’t even show you their pussy then Kylie Teen is the gal for you. This brunette stunner isn’t afraid of showing anything, as I learned upon my first trip into her member’s area. The site design is simple yet elegant. There are graphical flourishes here and there but they don’t obscure the end goal of making the content easy to access.

Speaking of content, there are 370+ picture galleries and 145+ video clips at KylieTeen, more than most models can claim. There’s also a pretty wide range of content. The tour seems to advertise nothing but hardcore content, but when it comes to the picture galleries the hardcore stuff is actually the exception rather than the rule. The pictures are organized by month, starting with March 2004 and continuing through to the current month. Click on any month and you’ll be taken to a page with picture previews for each gallery added during that period. Click a picture and the gallery loads up. There are twenty thumbnails to a page and the large images are displayed in a minimum of 1024x768.

In a way I feel deceived by all the hardcore declarations made on the tour page. In reality there’s very little hardcore fucking going on in the more than 350 picture galleries featured. Instead we see a lot of Kylie stripping and spreading her pussy lips for the camera to get up close and personal. I suppose they’re using a very loose definition of hardcore, since Kylie often fucks herself with a dildo or vibrator. On the plus side, she offers more interaction than most teen models, so I give her kudos for that.

The videos are also organized by month, although most months have only two or three scenes. Once again the level of hardcore content doesn’t quite match up to what was advertised, although it’s much better than in the pictures section. Kylie has a number of male partners that she hooks up with and they all do a good job of fucking her pussy hard. She’s a very vocal lover and it’s a pleasure to watch her writhe, moan, groan, and outright scream as she gets fucked.

Besides the hardcore content, which makes up roughly one third of the videos, you’ll also see lesbian encounters and solo masturbation clips. There aren’t many lesbian scenes, but the ones they do have are simply amazing. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Kylie lapping at her friend’s wet pussy or having her own box munched on. Kylie isn’t shy with a dildo either; she really drives it deep into her pussy, simulating a hardcore experience with expertise. I think the videos stand above the picture content in her case, which is unusual for teen model sites.

One thing the site lacks is any sort of interaction with Kylie. There’s no blog, no diary, no forum; hell, they don’t even offer a biography. It can be nice to get to know the model you’ve devoted your money and time to, and I wish they had added the option to do so here. They’re awfully generous with the bonus content though, so it’s hard to raise too many complaints. Your membership includes access to 20 other teen sites that include a lesbian site, several solo model sites, and a multi model sites.

I came across several quality content sets while browsing the site, a few of which I’d like to share. The first is a three part set in which Kylie is dressed in a cheerleader’s uniform. The skirt is super short and she looks amazingly hot; also included is some hot masturbation. Another costume set, this time with Kylie has a French maid, is also a classic. Lastly, there’s a great set, both video and picture, where Kylie gets fucked on a pool table.

Croco’s Opinion

KylieTeen does a lot of things right. They have a ton of content; more than 370 picture galleries and 145 video clips. Kylie is smoking hot and more than happy to share the intimate details of her sex life with us. However, the tour makes it seem like all Kylie does is suck dick and have sex; that’s not the case in the member’s area. Still, given the wealth of content and the frequency of updates you’ll have plenty of sex to enjoy. The addition of 20 bonus sites makes this a no brainer for any price.


Browsing the member’s area couldn’t be any easier. The different sections are denoted with well designed graphical buttons, the picture and video galleries are easy to use, and the thumbnail preview images are just big enough to give the detail you need. They also offer a Spanish language version of the site.

Pricing Policy

A 30 day membership costs $29.95 when billing by credit card, check, or anonymously through NetCash. You can also pay by phone, which is a little pricier at $34.95. The best deal is to sign up for 90 days and pay only $59.95. Everything is recurring except for the phone billing.

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